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Steps for Submitting Supervision Agreement and Project Synopsis:

Step 1: Download the Supervision Agreement​

  • Click here to download the supervision agreement.

Step 2: Complete the Agreement Form

  • Open the downloaded agreement PDF on your computer.

  • Fill in all the required fields on the computer in the agreement form accurately.

Step 3: Print the Agreement

  • Once you have filled out the agreement on your computer, take a color printout of the completed agreement.

Step 4: Attach Project Synopsis

  • Click here to download the project synopsis.

  • Attach the printed project synopsis to the completed agreement. Ensure all documents are organized.

Step 5: Sign the Agreement

  • Read through the agreement carefully.

  • Sign all the designated sections or areas where candidates' and faculties' signatures are required as per the instructions in the agreement.

Step 6: Submit the Documents

  • Take the completed and signed documents to the Integral Robotics Lab.

  • Submit the documents to the Robotics Engineer or designated authority for further processing.

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